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Nepal - Nepal Food Tasting Tour: Taste like a local (5 Days)

With its rich geographical, ecological and ethnic diversity, Nepal has a plethora of unique dishes to offer. The food here is not just a basic need or for the taste, it is an integral part of the lifestyle. People of different backgrounds enjoy varieties of food as a celebration of life and culture. The capital Kathmandu, which is a melting pot of people from all over the country, provides a huge and diverse menu for people to choose from.

Being a business and trade hub of the country, Kathmandu also is a home to individuals of diverse cultures, races, and ethnicity. Regardless of the distinctions, assimilating them into a single roof, Kathmandu also innovates and improvises their lifestyle and food culture. Hence, a multitudinous array of food!. This tour will take you to experience the Nepalese food culture. Nepalese cuisine comprises a variety of cuisines based upon ethnicity, soil, and climate relating to Nepal's cultural diversity and geography.

This itinerary is a guideline only and we will follow the itinerary as far as possible but due to weather conditions, health conditions, natural disasters and other unfavorable phenomenon your guide might decide to amend or cancel the itinerary for your own safety. Your guide will help you at any time with providing information regarding conditions and safety during the treks.

Upon your arrival at the Kathmandu airport, our representative will meet, greet and welcome you and transfer you to the hotel. You can rest relax and enjoy your time in the hotel or you can stroll around the city. In the evening our representative will take you to enjoy the traditional Thakali khana.  It is an improvised version of daal - bhaat, the staple food Nepalis eat for lunch and dinner. The set may include rice or dhindo, as per choice. Dhindo, made of buckwheat, is ideal for diabetics, it is also something very hard to find in other countries. Gundruk, a part of this dish, is spicy dried spinach that is also exclusively made in Nepal. The set looks very appealing like a rainbow served on your plate.

You can choose either vegetarian or non-vegetarian, both serving equally authentic Nepali tastes. This kind of meal usually comes with the opportunity to add further rice, lentils, veggies, and pickles. Plus, many places offer extras such as papad- a thin disc-shaped crispy food or mohi- which is a thin mixture of yogurt and water. These extras not only sooth the taste buds but also have dietary and digestive benefits.

Accommodation: Yatri suites & spa.

Our tour guide will come to pick you up along with the private vehicle. Momo is hands down the unofficial national food of the country. Momo is a type of dumpling i.e. it is a meat or vegetable filling wrapped in dough. This Nepali dumpling is like no other and has developed a unique identity of its own with its exquisite flavors. It is bite-sized and served with a dipping sauce. Momo can be found in various shapes, sizes, styles, and even colors. The most common form of momo is the steamed momo. Fried momo, which is a deeply fried steam momo is also a favorite of the people in the capital. Other varieties of momo include kothey- base fried crispy momo, chilly- momo made with a spicy mix of capsicum, onions, peppers, etc. and jhol- momo in a flavored soup.

Acquired from Tibetans, momos (steamed or fried dumplings) deserve a mention as one of the most popular snacks among Nepali. Momos at local shops are the most loved by the people here. The size of the dumplings vary, depending on the price. The achaar (pickle) accompanying the steamed momos has a lip-smacking taste that lingers.

Recently, momos have undergone several modifications open momo, c-momo, tea momo, rainbow momo, etc. In the evening, you can taste the Roti and Nann-Tandoori chicken/ sekuwa (meat roasted in wood in traditional Nepalese style).

Accommodation: Yatri suites & spa.

In the morning, our guide will receive you and then drive you to Kirtipur. You’ll do a traditional cuisine taste of the Newar community. You can also taste the traditional liquor made from rice. Some popular Newari foods: Chatamari, NewariChoila, Kunya, Bara, Gwaramari, Sukula. Samay Baji is an indispensable Newari set of food items that hold both religious and cultural significance. It includes beaten rice, buffalo meat, fish, soybeans, woh, (a patty made of lentils), and alcohol.

Accommodation: Yatri suites & spa.

Boudha has long established itself as the home of Tibetans within the Kathmandu Valley. In recent years, Boudha has started garnering attention for being the Tibetan food center of Kathmandu and the credit in part to their contrasting taste to the typical Nepali palette and in part, of course, to the ambience of peace and serenity that the sacred place bestows upon us. Popular foods to taste in boudha: Laphing, Khapse, Thukpa, Thentuk, Shaphaly, etc. At Bhaktapur, you will taste the delicious Juju Dhau. The king of curds it is! Many companies throughout the world sell curd in amazing looking packages, but none taste like Juju Dhau, rightfully known as King Curd. If you are in Nepal and have not tasted the thick, creamy, sweet, and soft Juju Dhau of Bhaktapur, your sweet tooth is lacking a treat. It is inexpensive, easily available, and amazingly delicious.

Accommodation: Yatri suites & spa.

Today we will stroll into different food stalls for food touring. Lassi at Indrachowk, tasting Samosas at Tiptop, and local foods. You can also but the souvenir and gifts with food touring at local areas. You will taste different Desserts, a huge range of sticky sweets, mostly milk-based, of which the most visible is Barfi (milk boiled down into a fudge), Rasbari (milk balls- similar to Indian rasgulla), Lal Mohan (deep-fried milky dough balls), Kheer (rice pudding) and Jalebi (orange figure of eight deep-fried syrupy sweets).  In the evening our office representative will come to pick you up at the hotel to transfer you to the airport.

Have a safe journey onwards.


All land transportation by private vehicle.
Professional tour guide and driver.
4 Nights hotel accommodation at hotel Yatri Suites & Spa including breakfast.
Staff costs including their salary, insurance, food, and accommodation.


Food and Drinks / Beverages bills not included in the cost.
Travel Insurance.
International flight.
Extras cost for up-grading rooms at hotels if/when applicable.
Emergency Rescue evacuation Insurance of any kind.

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