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Seti River Rafting Price, Integrity (2 Days) Difficulty, Best Season, Route, Altitude

Posted By: Simran Subba , July 2021

The Seti Gandaki River, often known as the Seti River or the Seti Khola, is a calm whitewater rafting site in western Nepal. It has warm water, making it ideal for a family rafting adventure. Every boat will have a guide who will provide paddling instructions and point out the river's safest route.

About Seti river 

The Seti River is a major tributary of the Karnali River system, which flows across western Nepal.

The Seti gets its name from the snowfields and glaciers that surround the twin peaks of Api and Nampa in the main Himalayas' south-facing slopes. The location lies near the trijunction of Nepal, India's (Kumaon, Uttarakhand), and China's borders (Tibet). The Seti gets its name from the snowfields and glaciers that surround the twin peaks of Api and Nampa in the main Himalayas' south-facing slopes.

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The location lies near the trijunction of Nepal, India's (Kumaon, Uttarakhand), and China's borders (Tibet). Before joining the Karnali or Ghagra River, the river flows in a south-easterly direction, then twists and flows in a south-westerly direction, and finally back to a south-easterly direction. It has carved a beautiful gorge over the Mahabharat Range and looks to be lost for a short distance among caves and tunnels.

Seti River Rafting Difficulty

Experienced individuals are preferred. Seti River Rafting takes place in Pokhara, and it takes roughly two hours from the city to reach the rafting put-in location. Rafting on the Seti River in Pokhara takes you through the beautiful green jungle, towering hills, and intriguing paddy fields.

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It also differs from other rafting destinations in that the river's water is warm, with rapid difficulties. As a result, this rafting trip is ideal for those with limited time and those who are new to rafting. During the monsoon season, from June to August, the river rafting rapids are at their most dangerous.

Seti River Rafting Best season 

Seti river rafting is a wild and warm water river that runs through the lovely Pokhara valley, passing through a limestone gorge. This river is well-known for its pristine verdant forest beauty, superb bird-watching opportunities, local cultural history, gorgeous clean beaches, and several minor and easy-to-navigate rapids.

Seti River, which is close to a jungle, maybe the greatest site to float in the midst of unspoiled nature. The river has many tiny and uncomplicated rapids as it comes from the Himalayan peaks. During the monsoon season, if you can't get enough rapids, you can go river rafting.

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During the monsoon season, the water volume level rises, increasing the ferocity of the rapids and attracting rafters to take on the challenge.

So, in conclusion, the monsoon is the best season for rafting in Seti Khola.

During the monsoon season, which runs from mid-June to September, Nepal receives an average of 105 days of rain, with roughly 80% of that falling during the monsoon. The monsoon in Nepal is brought in from the Bay of Bengal and moves along the Himalayan southern sides.

Seti River Rafting Cost 

Every visitor will be mesmerized by the tremendous height gradient that leads to the production of white water owing to intense air mixing. Rafting on the Seti River usually costs less than $200 USD. This is frequently seen as a quick and enjoyable river rafting alternative.

Seti River Rafting altitude 

This River's elevation range is believed to be between 223 and 6,100 meters above sea level.

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Seti River Rafting Itinerary

To get to our put-in spot in Damauli Bazaar, west of Kathmandu, you'll need to travel for about 5 hours. Prepare all rafting equipment and get ready to raft on the Seti River. The rafting river is around 35 kilometers long and may be completed in two days. The Seti River, which is warm and attractive, flows through spectacular jungle scenery, verdant hills, and valleys. It's a great river for birdwatchers and anyone interested in the quantity of wildlife that can be seen along the way.

Day 1 Drive towards Damauli driving duration (5-6 hours)

We are leaving early this morning for Damauli. After arrival, you can relax for a while before being instructed by a certified trainer on how to handle paddles, safety precautions, and river currents. We begin on the Madhi Khola, which joins the Seti after a few minutes. Rafting in the Seti River offers stunning views as well as wildlife and bird watching opportunities. We continue rafting for 4-5 hours and set up camp on the beach at Saranghat.

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Day 2 A Full Day dedicating to Rafting Adventure

Prepare for an unforgettable journey as you float across 2-3 rapids and into the Trishuli River. After 4-5 hours of rafting, we will arrive in Gaighat. We'll stop for lunch in Gaighat before heading back to Kathmandu.

Summary of the Seti river rafting

The Seti River is regarded as a sacred river in Nepal. Lord Vishnu is said to have taken this form. Among rafting aficionados, this river is also a famous destination for white water rafting. The Devghat, or confluence point of this River and the Trishuli River, is worth visiting.

In Nepal's beautiful Annapurna region, the Seti River Rating delivers the most delicate and light rafting experience crosswise over lush terrains. Rafting, fishing, and being outside near the sand shoreline of a designated river while participating in wild activities would be the ultimate family rafting trip in Nepal.

A short multiday rafting trip on a designated waterway can be easily connected from two notable cities, Pokhara and Kathmandu. Set River rafting is best enjoyed in conjunction with a visit to Chitwan National Park or trekking in the Annapurna area.

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Between the spectacular Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayas, the Seti River flows down from the mountains in a remote area. Seti River Rafting is a great family adventure that can be readily accessed from Kathmandu and Pokhara. The river travels through a beautiful forested region with various easy rapids.

The rafting trip usually begins in Damauli, which is located halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara on the Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway. The wilderness along the rafting route provides its own reward in the form of natural sightings along the river. There is much more landscape to explore, photograph, and observe feathery birds, as well as the opportunity to swim and relax on the sandy beach.

The two-day journey runs 32 kilometers and ends at the junction of the Trishuli and Seti Rivers, one of Nepal's warmest rivers. Before reaching the Trishuli River and Devghat, rafters must navigate multiple rapids. The sacred Hindu landmark commemorates the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Trishuli rivers, which thereafter merge to form the Narayani River.


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