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Kuri Village Cost, Intergery, Hight, Weather, Altitude, Kalinchowk Trek Hotel Price 

Posted By: Simran Subba , July 2021

The Kalinchowk Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This place is located near Kathmandu Valley and is very popular with travelers who want to pay religious respect to goddess Kalinchowk or adventure seekers who want to watch live snowfall and play in the snow during the winter. Kalinchowk Tour is also well-known for hiking. This itinerary explains the ideal time to visit Kalinchowk, the best hotels in Kalinchowk, activities to do in Kalinchowk, the daily weather in Kalinchowk, the altitude of Kalinchowk, and other details on the snowfall in Kalinchowk.

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Kalinchowk Tour is not only popular in the winter, but it is also a safe place to visit in the summer. However, for most of the winter seasons, particularly during the snowfall season, there will be a large number of people who will occasionally exceed Kuri Village's carrying capacity.

As a result, travelers may not receive high levels of pleasure from food and lodging as a result of the crowds, therefore we always advise you to avoid the holidays, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays, to get the full Kalinchowk experience.

Highlights of the Kuri village tour

  1. Bhagwati Shrine of Kalichowk
  2. Bhimsen Mandir in Dolakha
  3. Beautiful Himalayan scenery and the exquisite Kuri village
  4. At Kuri Village, enjoy a campfire
  5. The journey from Kathmandu to Kalinchowk is amazing
  6. Kalichowk cable car
  7. Take a stroll around the Rhododendron groves
  8. Tongba, Chhurpi, and Yak Sukuti are some of the local delicacies

Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple

In the Dolkha District, 150 kilometers east of Kathmandu, Kalinchowk Temple is one of the most renowned Hindu pilgrimage locations. The temple is located at an elevation of 3842 meters in Kalinchowk, a rural municipality in Nepal's Dolakha province. The Gaurishankar Conservation Area encompasses this temple. Sun Koshi and Tama Koshi, two well-known rivers, both originate in the protected area.

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This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, and it is believed that if you make a wish with her and present her something in return as "Vakal," the goddess would grant your wish.

Cable car at Kalinchowk

In Kalinchowk rural municipality in Dolakha district Nepal, the third cable car service in the country connects the Kalinchowk Bhagwati shrine at the top to the Kuri village at the bottom. This cable car service started running in November of 2018.


Between Kathmandu to Kalinchowk temple, the total distance is roughly 150 kilometers. There are 80 kilometers of pitched road and 70 kilometers of smooth rough road. From Kathmandu, it takes about 6 hours to go to Kalinchowk. On the first day, we will travel from Kathmandu to Kuri village. We will spend the night in Kuri village and then explore Kalinchowk before returning to Kathmandu the next day. 

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The Kalinchowk trip has been made easier for pilgrims and tourists visiting the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine thanks to the operation of the Kalinchowk cable car. The cable car services include four gondolas, each with a carrying capacity of ten people. The table shows the cost of the Kalinchowk cable car, its carrying capacity, travel time, and other information. The cost of the Kalinchowk cable car is $500 per person.

Kuri village Altitude

Roads might be blocked by heavy snowfall, and the weather can be hazy. It is possible to become disoriented between Deurali and Kuri. Because Kuri village is about 3500 meters above sea level, another concern is AMS. Please take the appropriate measures if you plan on riding directly to Kuri village.

About Altitude Sickness

Acute mountain sickness (AMS), the mildest type of altitude sickness, is a detrimental consequence of high altitude produced by quick exposure to low oxygen levels at high elevation. People react to high altitudes in a variety of ways. Headaches, vomiting, exhaustion, disorientation, insomnia, and dizziness are some of the symptoms. High altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) with shortness of breath or high altitude cerebral edema (HACE) with disorientation can develop from acute mountain sickness. Long-term exposure to high altitudes can cause chronic mountain sickness.

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The best time of the year to visit Kalinchowk

The greatest time to go is during the spring season, when you may enjoy the pleasures of snowfall, snow play, and stunning mountain ranges. If you visit in the autumn, the clear crystal-eye view of Mount Gaurisankhar is a famous attraction (7,181m). Kalinchowk is one of the most beautiful spots to see snowfall in Kathmandu. It is recommended that you take this excursion while it is snowing. At a height of 3600 meters, you may experience the snow. Isn't that the allure of the journey? As a result, the ideal times to visit Kalinchowk are in the spring, autumn, and the beginning of winter, when it begins to snow.

Kuri village trek Difficulty

The journey is low to moderate in difficulty, making it ideal for novices. Walking through the woods, feeling the mountain wind, camping beneath the stars, and playing in the snow will bring out the undiscovered aspects of your personality while providing you with the much-needed break from your boring existence.

In the fall, when the weather may be unpredictable, particularly in the Kuri area, there is a danger of severe weather. Roads might be blocked by heavy snowfall, and the weather can be hazy. It is possible to become disoriented between Deurali and Kuri.

Because Kuri village is about 3500 meters above sea level, another concern is AMS. Please take the appropriate measures if you plan on riding directly to Kuri village.

Kuri village Itinerary (2 Days)

Day 1 from Kathmandu to Kuri village

We drive from Kathmandu to Kuri Village on your first day. Kalinchowk is about a six-and-a-half-hour trip from Kathmandu by Jeep and a five-and-a-half-hour bike ride. We may reach Kuri village by traveling along the route from Kathmandu through Bhaktapur, Banepa, Dolalghat, Mude, Kharidhunga, and Charikot. Kuri hamlet is, in reality, one of the nicest spots to stay in the area.

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Day 2 from Kuri village to Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple and back to Kathmandu

We have developed a Kalinchowk Bhagwati tour to allow you to get the most out of your visit to the Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple and Kuri hamlet. Kuri village is popular with tourists since it is located at the base of the cable car and has a variety of hotels with amenities such as connected toilets, hot and cold water, meals, campfires, and music systems. On the first day, We will spend the first night at Kuri village after arriving. The next day, we may either trek for an hour and a half or take a 5-minute cable car trip to visit Kalinchowk Bhagawati temple early in the morning. We'll return to Kuri after exploring the area for a time. We will eat lunch in Kuri village, rest for a little, tour the area, and then return to Kathmandu.

Conclusion of Kuri village Trek

The Kalinchowk Trip is a lovely and simple short trek that rewards you with 180-degree views of the ice-capped peaks that dominate the Nepal-China border. Another attraction is the Kalinchowk Bhagwati shrine, which has made this walk a pilgrimage destination for hundreds of people.

The path is well-known for its breathtaking alpine beauty, which spans the Langtang to Number mountain ranges, as well as its richly diversified wildlife, astounding religious worship, and warm and inviting lodges. Walk through the steep rhododendron and hemlock woodland. Who knows, maybe you'll get a glimpse of a clouded leopard! In today's world, you can ski even in the dead of winter.


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