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Gears For Expedition

Posted By: Asian Heritage , December 2018


Yes, the time has finally come! You are going trekking! But what do you actually need for this? Do you just need a backpack and a wooden stick or do you need to buy top of the market equipment that drains your pockets instantly? I am happy to assure you that neither of them is necessary. Yes, you do need proper trekking gear which is more than a wooden stick and some hiking shoes but it does not have to that expensive! To give you a clear overview of what you will or will possibly during a trek in or around Nepal, a segmented list of all the needed equipment is stated below:


-    Sleeping bag (preferably up to -20 C˚)

-    Lightweight hiking boots (make sure to break them in before arriving in Nepal)

-    Camp shoes

-    Hiking socks

-    Lightweight long sleeve trekking shirts

-    Long sleeve cotton shirt

-    Lightweight long trekking pants

-    Lightweight trekking shorts

-    Fleece or tracksuit pants

-    Fleece jacket or pullover

-    Windproof jacket/windbreaker

-    Lightweight rain jacket

-    Underwear

-    Woolen or synthetic hat 

-    Sunglasses with UV protection

-    Gloves

-    Quick-dry towel

-    Sunscreen

-    Daypack (35-40 liter should be sufficient)

-    Water bottle

-    Hiking poles

-    Bandana or scarf


-    Bungy cords

-    Water purification tablets

-    Dry bag

-    Small head torch

-    Padlock

-    Thermal/wool underwear (long pants and long sleeve shirt for cold weather)

-    Heavy duty duffle bag (if you are using porters, this the kind of bag they prefer to carry)

All the above-mentioned gear can be found and bought either in Kathmandu or in Pokhara or you can bring it from your home destination. In the end, finding the right trekking gear is never really a problem in Nepal so don’t worry too much before coming to Nepal. Maybe you should practice your bargaining skills a bit more since the local shopkeepers increase the price for tourists. 


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