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Female Trekking Guide In Nepal, Kathmandu, Female Tourist Guide Of Nepal

Posted By: Simran Subba , June 2021

Nepal is a popular trekking destination for both men and women. Mountains do not discriminate based on gender; guides can be either male or female trekking guides; they must be familiar with the mountains.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most thrilling adventure trips available. It has a variety of options, such as beautiful mountains, ancient monuments, diverse cultures, and various beautiful heritage sites. All of these factors attract a large number of female adventurers.

Nepal is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. Despite the fact that only a few cases of female harassment have made headlines in the past.

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The growth of the Nepalese tourism industry is critical to the country's overall economic prosperity. Similarly, there is a need to empower women in the trekking tourist industry by promoting female trekking guides as a viable career option.

Since there is an increasing number of female trekkers in Nepal, the demand for female guides is also increasing in proportion. However, in comparison to male trekking guides, the number of female trekking guides is almost non-existent.

Female trekking guides will be an excellent companion for female travelers because they will be able to share common emotions and better understand each other throughout the journey.

If you choose a female trekking guide while trekking in Nepal, you will create employment opportunities for women, as well as financial independence, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence. The main goal of female trekking guide services is to empower women by providing them with an independent working environment.

The Benefits of Hiring a Female Trekking Guide in Nepal.

Female trekkers are strongly advised to hire a female trekking guide in Nepal for the following reasons:


Female guides are available for any trekking area in Nepal based on your needs, female guides are energetic and young. Female trekking guides have been present in all of Nepal's major trekking areas. All of the female guides are experienced, and the majority of them have been working as guides for a long time.

Well Trained

Female tour guides are very well, highly educated, and hold a government-issued tour guide license. The majority of female guides speak Fluent English, ensuring that language will not be a barrier while traveling.


Nepalese female guides are well-versed in the country's geography, history, diverse culture and traditions, festivals, and various wild species. A female guide's extensive knowledge will undoubtedly assist you in learning about every aspect of Nepal. Throughout the duration of your trekking expeditions, all-female guides maintain good coordination with you and provide complete information.


Guides will be those who accompany you on your trip. All of the female guide team members are extremely helpful, always smiling, and ready to assist you.

Many female trekkers prefer female guides for their convenience, to avoid sexual harassment, and to better understand their problems while on the trail. The practice of female trekking guides benefits both female trekkers and female trekking guides.

How to Find Female Trekking Guides in Nepal for Female Trekkers?

On Google, you can find a plethora of travel and trekking companies. Many of them are associated with female guides. Some tour and trekking guides are completely dedicated to the companies after receiving their license from an authorized company. They are always available. You can find a list of female guides on our company’s site under Our Team.

You can also hire freelance female guides, but you may not feel completely safe while traveling with them. As a result, you should book your tour with Holy Mountain Treks, which provides fully responsible female tour and trekking guides.

About Female Nepalese Tour/Trekking Guides

Female tour and trekking guides do not have a long history in Nepal. The concept of female leaders did not emerge until the 1990s. Since that time, the number of female guides has increased.

Women's entrepreneurship is underrepresented in today's male-dominated culture. The majority of women in rural areas, in particular, are active in-home activities. Women are taking a step ahead in the tourist business, notably in the hiking business, by pursuing a career as a hiking guide.

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As the number of female travelers increases around the world, so does the demand for female guides. Similarly, the number of female guides is expanding in Nepal.

While training tour guides and trekking guides these days, the number of ladies seems to be pretty satisfied. As a result, you can easily find female guides for excursions and trekking trips in all regions and areas.

Note: Many female trekkers choose to walk alone. This is feasible, but it is not advised. It is preferable to use a guide so that you are free of all kinds of anxiety, hazards, and the chance of missing the exits. You can accomplish your travel safely and comfortably with the help of a guide.

Here is the list of the female guides that we can provide you with.

These female guides are the most experienced to whom you can ensure your safety and comfort. They are all friendly and have been able to impress each of their clients.

Pooja Giri

Puja Giri, a lively, eager, and inquisitive young lady, was born and raised in Dhading, a Kathmandu suburb. She picked a profession in the tourism industry because she enjoyed traveling.

She began working as a trekking guide in August 2018 after completing tourist guide training. Pooja chose this career after completing her postgraduate degree because she enjoys meeting new people, making new friends, hiking in the Himalayas, and visiting new places.

Giri has completed the majority of Nepal's trekking destinations, including the Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, and other smaller climbs around Kathmandu Valley.

She can communicate fluently in English since she has an excellent command of the language. She stays up to date on the latest trends by reading educational books about nature, trekking, and hiking areas.

Anita Ranjitkar

Anita has gathered various experiences connected to this industry while traveling over Nepal. She has visited almost every corner of Nepal, presenting people with accurate information and satisfying them.

She has met, conversed with, and guided innumerable people from all over the world. Most of them enjoy her manner of guiding because she is kind, cooperative, and loyal. As a result, Anita is eagerly anticipating your arrival to Nepal.

Puja Pathak

Puja has been working with Holy Mountain Trek since 2017 and is one of the best trekking guides. She is a passionate traveler who is enthusiastic, young, and ambitious.

A well-known personality Puja is fluent in English and is happy to answer guests' questions. Upper Mustang, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and other significant trekking sites have already been completed by her. Having extensive understanding of the people's history, culture, and way of life.

In Nepal, how much does it cost to hire a female tour/trecking guide?

Because there are less female tour/trekking guides in Nepal than there are male tour/trekking guides. As a result, their fees are higher than those charged by male guides. The cost of the guides varies depending on the scenario and the number of the group. Female tour/trekking guides are paid on average $ 28 per day.

Note: The following is the cost of hiring a female trekking guide for the Annapurna, Langtang, and Everest regions:

  1. Female Trekking Guide in Nepal daily wages ranges from USD 20- USD 40
  2. A Female Guide /Porter daily wages range from USD 15- USD 30
  3. Female Porter daily wages ranges from USD 12- USD 25

Wages, meals, lodging, insurance, and equipment will all be included in the price.

With us, who can hire a female trekking guide?

Female trekking guides are available for hire by lone tourists, groups of female travelers, and families. It doesn't rule out the possibility of hiring male guides, although they prefer female guides.

Why should you hire a guide from us?

After more than a decade of experience in the tourism industry, we decided to start our own firm. We are accountable for our profession, and this organization's whole personnel and stakeholders are committed to the tourist business.

We provide the guides who are:

  1. In the relevant field, knowledgeable and experienced.
  2. The highest focus is given to safety and security.
  3. The satisfaction of the guests is prioritized.
  4. Environmental issues and responsible tourism
  5. All of them are licensed and certified.
  6. Fluency and accuracy in the spoken language
  7. Service that is professional

Some helpful hints for female solo travelers include

  1. If you are traveling alone, keep the embassy's contact information with you at all times. You should leave your contact information, such as phone numbers for friends and relatives.
  2. Keep your ID or passport on you at all times. Many places, such as guesthouses, require passport copies, so make photocopies of your passport ahead of time.
  3. You should not display your valuables in public locations while visiting a new place, such as your phone or pricey jewelry.
  4. You should conduct a lot of study on acceptable apparel before heading to a new place, you might get in trouble if you don't dress adequately because it isn't appropriate for certain cultures and situations. As a result, it is preferable to dress as a local.
  5. When traveling alone, you should always be mindful of your surroundings. When you're out in public, keep your bag in front of your body so no one may steal your belongings.
  6. If you want to go trekking in a distant area, you'll require special permit.

  1. Manaslu Circuit Trekking: Manaslu Special Permit, ACAP and MCAP
  2.  Tsum Valley Trekking: Tsum valley Special Permit and MCAP
  3. Tsum valley and Manaslu trekking: Tsum valley Special Permit, Manaslu Special Permit, MCAP, ACAP
  4.   Upper Dolpo Trekking: Upper Dolpo Special Permit and Shey Phoksundo National Park Fee.
  5. Lower Dolpo Trekking: Lower Dolpo Special Permit and National Park Fee.
  6. Mustang Trekking: Upper Mustang Special Permit and ACAP.

Nar Phu Valley Trekking: Nar Phu Special Permit and ACAP

You can arrange these special permits through the local travel agency.

Final Thoughts

We hear the phrase "women empowerment" a lot these days.The travel industry, like all other sectors, empowers women by offering possibilities to lead individuals from other countries.

The concept of a female trekking guide emerged as a move toward gender equality. In Nepal, several travels, tour, and trekking companies have established a culture of female trekking guides.

Women's entrepreneurship is underrepresented in today's male-dominated culture. The majority of women in rural areas, in particular, are active in-home activities. Women are taking a step ahead in the tourist business, notably in the hiking business, by pursuing a career as a hiking guide.

Female tour and hiking guides are becoming empowered in Nepal's tourist sector. During the trekking off-season, Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) developed various Female Trekking Guide Programs.

Women From Rural areas of Nepal

Women from rural areas such as the Karnali, Everest, and Langtang regions are strongly encouraged to participate in the program. First Aid (Women's Health Issues), leadership, women's rights, trekking information, history, geography, and culture are among the topics covered in the training.

The concept of a female trekking guide in Nepal stems from the fact that female trekkers prefer female guides. While on a trekking excursion together, you can have even more fun. Female travelers may have an advantage by traveling with a female guide. From the perspective of a woman, you may learn a lot about Nepali culture and traditions.

Trekking in Nepal with highly skilled female trekking guides will allow you to see the country's natural and cultural wonders. While you're on the road, you can communicate any problems you're having. Female trekking guides will work with you to solve any problems you may encounter while traveling.

The greatest option for female travelers in Nepal is to hire a female trekking guide. You can hire a female trekking guide if you are planning a trip to Nepal for trekking. By hiring a female trekking guide, you are demonstrating your appreciation for Nepali women who wish to help their families.

Female guides are the greatest alternative for female or solitary visitors. Hiring them benefits both the country's economy and the local population.


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